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DALCON presents a unique foldable roof system. 

DFR (Dalcon Folding Roof) system brings cutting edge innovation to convertible open air architectural applications .  Electrically operated, it uncovers totally the space without remaining parts (beams - railings).
Our foldable elements park in the desired side occupying the less space than any other retractable roof system. They can also be totally hidden if a storage point of 20cm per element is available in the parking area.
Our thermal insulated and powder coated aluminium profiles combined with translucent covering materials, provide adjustable roofs for spaces that all seasons usage is a functional demand.
All of our systems are designed and updated by our R&D department and produced in our own production line, available for global delivery and installation.

Our new system consists of:  
Powder coated thermal insulated aluminium profiles.
EPDM gaskets for dry glazing.
Drainage levels on mullion and transom profiles
Motorized functioning with remote controlled equipment.

Key features:
Visible width of aluminium profiles at 50mm
Installation depths from 50mm to 200mm 
Connecting and retaining parts made from aluminium or stainless steel
Custom sizes or designs are available

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 E: info@dalcon.eu Skype: dalcon.conservatories 

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