Sliding Roof, Moscow

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Luxury Complex
Total Constructed Area: 9.500m²
Shared Areas: 15.000m

Located 2km from the Kremlin, the Italian Quarter is comprised of 7 multi-storey amphitheatrically centrally located towers.

Our partnership with GUTA Development included covering a semi-outdoor area with an electrically sliding roof system specially designed for the project’s needs.
The main need was to protect and utilize the terrace during winter and its use in summer.
One of the specific requirements of the project was to not limit the view of the floors and to provide the required slope for snow.
Local climatic conditions required the choice of materials with constant behavior in temperature fluctuations from -30°C to +35°C.

Our Solution

  • Removable telescoping roof consisting of 1 fixed and 2 sliding parts
  • Foldable glazing panels
  • Roll-shading curtain system
  • Screens roller curtain system 
  • Somfy three-phase mechanisms with integrated brake and reducer. 
  • Remote control and installation of smart home above all.
  • Auxiliary centrifugal brake with mechanical terminal switches were installed in addition to safety.
  • Heated glass panels with mounting resistors inside the double glazing for melting snow.
  • Power transmission to moving parts was ensured by leak-proof contacts and power lines.